Painted Furniture-feeling nostalgic

Not sure why, but I woke up today feeling nostalgic for the days when I first started painting. I think maybe its the feeling that I had when I was painting furniture (thats how my painting career started) that I long for.....when you just get lost in the work and don't think about anything else, an eight hour day feels like 45 minutes. You're quietly tucked away in your studio, the musics playing but you don't even hear it, its way past lunchtime but you're not hungry.....yep, I miss those days.
My work had a more serious tone to it too I think......course I guess when you're trying to replicate the works of Monet or would. I did these about twelve years ago, the chest below I actually found standing next to a dumpster.
Maybe I'll make the rounds today and visit some thrift shops..see if there isn't some sad little piece of furniture in need of a face lift that I can lose myself in for 45 minutes :-).

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