Display Case

I found my first display case for the studio/shop today out at a large local thrift shop.....I got it for 20 bucks! Looks like it might have originally been an entertainment center?
There's a light inside at the top and I'm going to create a clock in the round part up at the top. It looks like the previous owner had some fabric on the inside back and left some double sided sticky tape behind....gonna have to clean it up a bit.
I'm also waiting to see pictures of some display cases that are for sale about an hour and a half away from me. The price is really good and they are also lighted. I'm really hoping they're in good shape and I can get them.....fingers crossed!

Well, saw the pictures and they were nice, but turns out I had to pass on the display cases :-( Couldn't find someone to help load/move them, and they would have had to stand on their sides to fit in my truck blocking the view out the back window (I hate that) and driving with all that glass in the back.....well, a bit nerve wracking.
I'm looking at two others on Saturday, each 6' long, that's longer than the others, and the price is lower......and...... they're local. They're not as nice as the ones I'm passing on, not as much display room, but it'll be a good opportunity to flex my creative muscles :-)

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