Back online....yeah!
Well, production continues, I should finish up all the boards for one of the party rooms today. Thankfully the second room does not have as many.
I'll be going to the site this weekend to paint the background silhouette part of the murals.
A sweet and charming Brazilian gentleman stopped by the studio the other day, he introduced himself as a retired sign painter and pulled this out of an envelope.
He and it were just too adorable not to buy it. After talking with him I learned he was actually a trained fine artist. Coming to the states, working in a print shop was the only job he could find and as his family grew its where he had to stay.....sound familiar.
My latest furniture find, a nicely made wood cabinet for a whopping $3. It will be my next project and will probably end up in my bedside table has been a folding tray table since I moved in, almost a year ago.

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