Big dresser finished

I got a lot done today. Here's the big dresser finished and put together...
Then I started one of the little chests (decided the twin of this is not usable, too warped)...I think I'll add a small boat in the distance and perhaps some shells in the sand....then age and distress.
And......... a new piece came to me today....I see Florida birds standing in tall grasses :-)
A previous client stopped by the studio today to loan me a most wonderful book. Its a very thick, hard cover directory of all the high society folks from Palm Beach down to Miami and up the Treasure Coast to Central Florida.....names, addresses, phone #'s..... I couldn't believe it, what a mailing list!!! :-)
I think its time to introduce high society to me, my mural work, and the new painted furniture being created at My Studio.

Oh....and I emailed Ford, they're still searching for the parts for my truck, apparently I have a mazda made transmission "kind of rare" according to them......sigh.

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