The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The good?..........I have no work scheduled for several days. The bad?.............I have no work scheduled for several days. The ugly?..........the problem with my truck was NOT resolved and it will be another thousand and change to fix it. There is still a problem with shifting gears and now they've decided it is a rod and bearing issue. To fix the problem apparently involves pulling the transmission (hence the hefty cost, labor intensive)....oh, and that's if they can get the part they on back order!
I have no work to pay for this and no truck to get to it if I did.........perfect!
I will try to at least get to the studio each day, I can take side streets and its not too far, but as far as getting to mural jobs or even to the cleaning jobs, they are too far to take the risk of breaking down and possibly causing an accident, or even just having to pay for a tow. Yesterday I was rounding a corner and when I went to shift from second to third I got locked in neutral...thank goodness there was no one behind me and I could drift to the side of the road.
I've got three more pieces of furniture to work on, I'll focus on them right now and see if I can get them sold.
The stress of this chosen profession is just beating me down. I'm worn out and feel like crap!

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