Got the job :-)

I'll be posting lots of pictures over the next week or two.....I got the job I was hoping for. This means I can pick up my truck from the shop. They called yesterday to let me know she was ready and added it wasn't what they thought after all (again!!) and they put in a transmission (which cost more of course). I've given up trying to figure out how things work under the hood and will pick her up and hope the issue has been resolved.
The job I got is to replicate the artwork done in a party rental space for kids. This new company has just sold their first franchise and that's where I'll be doing the work. The owners are very nice and really fun, so I'm looking forward to working with them. Tomorrow I'll pick up some boards that will make up a wall that will be concealing a wall of windows. Most of the work will be done in my studio on panels and when they're complete I'll do the background work on site, then the panels will be installed. They've also asked me to paint some of the props that help create the atmosphere in these fun rooms.
The wall art is pretty simple...the background being silhouettes
And the detail work at the bottom.
The only thing I will have to focus on is staying true to the original art and not drifting off into my style.

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