A New Day

Well today I decided to try and drive the truck to the studio, its not very far at all, but about half way there the truck would get stuck in gear........I made it there, but knew that once I got it back home I could not drive it anymore.
I needed to go to the studio today, I was so upset and angry about the truck that I knew if I went to the studio to work I'd feel a lot better.....and I did.
I bought a piece of furniture from Craigslist yesterday.......wouldn't have if I'd realized the truck needed more work......expensive work!......but no matter, its a sweet piece and it will help me pay for the repair work on the truck once it sells. Here's how she came to me....
I started working on her this morning....removed the peeling veneer from the top, took off most all of the design work on the doors (bits were missing anyway), sanded and primed.....
and began to paint a landscape on the front.
I consulted with the girls in the shop next door (tons of experience:-) and it was decided I'll distress the chest as it is in the light color, and stain it to give it an old world it!! That's just a gray primer on it now, but they think (distressed and stained) it'll give it just the authentic look that I'm after.
I ended up just painting and putting the board back in the counter of the small cabinet I painted rather than spend more money (on copper for the drawer).....I guess it still can be called an herb cabinet based on its decoration.
I put it and the small end table with the birds in the shop next door to the studio to sell.
I came home, very anxious about the truck, and decided to write to the head of the service department at the Ford dealership I went to (its also where I bought my truck). The letter was to express my disappointment (ok, and anger) in not having the truck thoroughly examine the first time I brought it in for service to fix the problem. Within ten minutes I received a reply asking me to come in Monday to get a car to use and that he would personally get involved in the situation.
I'm not really sure what that means, but its encouraging yes?

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