Slight change in design.....after talking with one of the buildings owners about getting more awareness for my shop, he came up with the idea of a smart!
So I'm replacing the cartouche I had done with a new directory.
Still working on it...Mother Earth Coffee looks a little un-level, odd cause I was using one, but I'll tweak that and finish off the rest of the ornament on the top.....add back the spider monkey that was on the original artwork (a couple of years ago) that got painted over and then get the foliage knocked out.
Got a lot of help today from the girls next door...that's Jackie waving and Cricket, and that's Dean, he lives upstairs and has been a professional painter so he came down to nice :-) Notice all that awful yellow is gone and the sills have all been painted white.....what a difference!
Really hope to finish this all up today, I have some work waiting for me.....custom painting a bed and getting a sketch together for a 70' long mural....whoo-who!! Here's hoping it doesn't rain.

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