Today its back to the studio to try and knock out the furniture pieces I brought in the other day. Yesterday I finished up the custom order for a client, a very dark wood bed to a distressed white finish.
And I got the little bookcase ready for sale.
Also have the little tiny table top chest ready for its artwork.
I found out that my bid for the 5'x 70' mural "was probably more than we want to spend", so that's a bit disappointing. I thought my price was pretty fair for all its complexity (an Atlantic City casino themed collage mural), but it seems they are basing what they should be paying on their experience with an artist who had done work for them in the past. Apparently they had a 10'x 105' mural done a few years ago for a mere $7500. (and as they said "when murals were more in demand".....huh?!) and my bid for the 5' x 70' was just a thousand dollars less than that. I really wish I could see that mural.
This experience has confirmed for me that I will only work on mural projects where a budget is disclosed. I will not waste my time in these ridiculous bidding wars anymore. You like my know your budget........we can get it done. You just want the cheapest artist?............look somewhere else.

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