Well...........I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm pretty sure its time to let go of the studio space. The owners have been more than generous in letting me in there knowing I couldn't afford the rent (and over looking it).......I think they had more faith than I did that I could make it work. The truth is I've just now paid my apartment rent 10 days late......the business licensing is up for renewal, quarterly taxes on sales are due, no sales equals no money to buy new inventory or pay the aforementioned. I'll now get fines and penalties for the unpaid taxes and its just going to continue to snowball out of control. I can't even afford to put the ink in the printer to make my own postcards to mail out.........ha, then of course there's postage........its time to let go.
I'll put an ad online and try to sell the inventory as a lot.

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