Edlira from Korsor, Denmark
Congratulations Edlira

Seems we've come into our rainy season here in Florida and it feels like another great day to paint. I'm going to work on a few more bird paintings I think.
Yesterday I pointed you in the direction of the shiftinglight blog and I took another look at it this morning, I really like this guys work. While I was on his site I clicked on the 'book' link to see what that was about and it took me to this really cool app (BookBuzzr) that lets you flip through some of the pages of his book. Curious....I went to the site the app came
How cool is can win free books on this site. You just play some fun silly games to collect points and then use those points to bid on books. If you love books, check it out.
And here's the direct link to flip through some of Julian's book.

Here is this weeks painting that you can win.
Westie With Red Ball
5"x 7" on canvas board
Good Luck!
Drawing on 7/10/2011

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