Have I finally found my niche?

So far of 32 ACEO paintings listed, 30 have sold.......actually one of those two got redone and relisted and did sell, so 31 of 32. 
OK, so its not big bucks yet but that's ok.....start small, build a following and continue to put out good work, whats that expression?........and they will come lol.  I'm not sure my work will ever get these kind of prices for a tiny 2.5" x 3.5" painting but hey you never know.  Take a look at what this person gets for their work.  Amazing isn't it?  Are you inspired to try this out?

Out to 'work' this morning and then an afternoon of painting.  Here's another less serious painting I did just for fun a couple of days ago (must be all that dieting I've been doing lately :-), I'll list it too, I'm curious :-)

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