It's getting addictive, this buying of furniture. I needed to take a mini break today to run some errands, do some sketches for a mural job, and of course run out to my favorite thrift shop. While there I picked up this very nice buffet,
I love functional furniture....
it was only $19 and in great condition (even still has its key to the door!)
I'm really not sure if I want to paint it??.....maybe just age it a bit and paint an old world scene in the doors?.....get less obtrusive handles?....not sure.
I also picked up this wine rack/table with a stained glass top, not really my thing, but it caught my eye and was only $10.....
some guy who was also looking at it after I had committed to the purchase offered me $20 for it. Maybe I should have taken him up on it, after I got it to the studio I noticed the new 'Made in China' sticker on the But I'll lighten up the wrought iron base and make it more in keeping with the Florida style of decorating, and I'm sure to get my money back on it. A glass artist I know will fill in the missing bits.
So....back in the studio I did a bit of painting and called it a day. Tomorrow I will be getting back to the pirate window screen portraits.

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