Contact: was a total bust as far as customers...not a one....too nice of a beach day I think. BUT!......I got a lot of work done (or so I thought :-)
I finished up Johnny, except now that I see a photo of the screen I need to work on his hand a little more....funny how photos can show you whats wrong.
And I got started on pirate #2 of 6. Please don't judge, he's just in the beginning stage (lots more to do..yes, yes, I see the mistakes :-), but I'm liking him. He's going to get a parrot on his shoulder too, or maybe not :-)
I'm already excited to work on the others, which will include a female pirate all busty brazen and proud :-)
Off's how the $10 chest of drawers looks painted and distressed...
Tomorrow?.......back at it.

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