Saturday the studio......staring at all my lovely primed and ready pieces.
I was released from the jury selection process yesterday around 1pm (was not chosen obviously) and went yes.....out to my favorite thrift shop. I knew work was getting done at the studio so it gave me the guilt free freedom to look for more pieces.
It was pretty slim pickings that time of day, I think I've mentioned before the fierce competition I'm up against with dealers and pickers showing up religiously every day and hovering as the workers bring things to the floor......not a pretty sight.
I did however find a few things to bring back, albeit the 'leftovers' usually need a lot more repair/care. First, a $10 dresser with mirror. It isn't old but I hope to make it look so. As soon as I got it back to the studio I grabbed the hammer and chisel and popped off the hideous plastic appliques (I hate those things!).
Then I spotted a $1 bookcase and a tiny little table.
And finally an ok corner seating piece for $29. It is all wood, so that's a plus.
Well time to get at it. First up.......finish that dresser that had all the stickers plastered on the front of it.

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