Well my instincts were spot on, the studio landlord showed up today and stated that rent would start and bills will be paid effective immediately. It smarted a bit, but still he gave me a very good price on the rent and I'm so grateful for the time they allowed me to be in there for free. I'm also grateful that I had that kids party rental job these last few enabled me for the first time in I don't know how long to put aside a few hundred dollars and buy the furniture that will hopefully sell and pay next months rent. I was hoping to use the saved money on the truck (its squeaking like crazy and needs a tune up bad) and a visit to the doctors for a check up (no health insurance and its been a couple of years).
But I guess you know where that money went we're back to square one....broke........but with lots of furniture to sell :-)
I've talked to the girls in the shop next to mine about my idea to only open the doors to buyers as a two or three day event once a month instead of being open every day, which obviously I can't do because of my mural work. And now that the pressure is on to make this studio produce income, we've decided to join up and have a two day sale June 12/13. The girls were just saying how they have a surplus of furniture, so they're going to bring some pieces in to the studio and we will have this sale together....and of course the place will look nice and be full of pretty things. I'm making some headway on filling up the space...........
but it'll be helpful to have some of their things in there to.
So this next week will be a frenzy trying to get the last of the furniture finished.

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